My Family

I feel lucky that I was raised to be a Disney kid. We watched the "The Wonderful World of Disney" every Sunday, loved the movies and visited the parks quite a few times. Then I worked for Disney - so yes, I am a bit brainwashed. BUT, I never loved it all as much as when I started to see it through my kid's eyes. Especially my son, Ben, who is on the Autism Spectrum. He loves the movies and music, but when he visits the parks he simply relaxes. He is so happy to be surrounded by all of the things he enjoys that he makes great strides while we are there. That is what Disney Magic means to me. 

Vacationing is a great way for families to bond and create memories that will connect them forever. So, when I noticed there are many different travel guides for Disney, but not one for helping families with special needs, I decided to create one myself. 

I'm an advocate for people with disabilities, and a mom of 2 fantastic kids. My daughter, Meg, also has a special journey as Ben's sister. Our vacations (even when they aren't in WDW) are important to help my kids bond. I hope the information in my book and on this site help other families create special memories and discover their own Disney Magic!


Amy Schinner
Author- "Mouse Ears for Everyone"

Ben and Meg Schinner
Fabulous kids and guinea pigs!