Dessert with a View!


Fireworks are a beautiful and fun way to celebrate! Add music, amazing projections on Cinderella's castle, and Tinkerbell flying overhead with pixie dust and they aren't just fireworks anymore- they are a special experience that never fails to bring tears to my eyes. However, standing in a large crowd for a long time while we wait for them can take away some of the magic- or create a complete disaster. Disney has a solution, Dessert Parties!

Mickey Oreo Cookies were a big hit!

Mickey Oreo Cookies were a big hit!

Dessert Parties are a great way to relax, avoid the crowds, see a great show and indulge in fabulous treats just like  VIP! 

My family decided to fit a dessert party for the new show at Magic Kingdom, "Happily Ever After" into our vacation budget this summer, we were VERY happy with the experience! 

The Plan

While making our reservations, first I needed to decide which seating option was the right fit for our family. At the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party there is priority seating and Plaza Garden seating. I think the Plaza Garden View is the best choice for a few reasons.

  • Cost- Plaza View is $59 or $35 for children (3-9)  Priority View is $79 or $47 for children
  • View- The Terrace View is further off center from Cinderella's Castle and has a more obstructed View.
  • Room to run- In the Plaza Viewing area there is a lot of room to move around, dance, or just enjoy having space.

Reasons to Choose Priority- 

  • You can remain seated at your table.
  • The tables are covered, so if there is rain you can keep your poncho in your bag.


The day of our reservation we ate a late lunch and had a good snack before arriving at our dessert party. We skipped a proper dinner, not the healthiest parenting decision but it's vacation! In my weak defense, I thought there were more appetizers that would seem like dinner, I was disappointed to only find cheese cubes and fruit (not even crackers) so my plan was even less healthy, but my kids survived!

Tomorrowland Terrace. The Garden Party view eats towards the back. Priority seating is up front near the castle, but the buffet is the same!

Tomorrowland Terrace. The Garden Party view eats towards the back. Priority seating is up front near the castle, but the buffet is the same!

When we checked in at the Tomorrowland Terrace they gave us each a wristband and explained how everything works. Then they showed us to our seats with glasses of sparkling cider. 

I love this idea! 

I love this idea! 

There was a fabulous buffet with desserts, drinks- including my favorite Disney breakfast juice! Coffee, Hot Chocolate, it was cooler the evening we went and the hot chocolate was VERY good.

There were also stations to decorate cookies and make dessert kabobs on mickey mouse straws!

This cute guy has a dairy allergy. His favorite part was the gummies!

This cute guy has a dairy allergy. His favorite part was the gummies!

Food Allergies 

When you make your reservation call (407)WDW-DINE inform them of your reservation and which food allergies or dining need you have. They will create a special platter that is safe AND delicious just for you!

Show Time!

You are free to go to the viewing area any time you would like. We arrived at the party at the very beginning, so we were ready to move around about 30 minutes before showtime. There were party guests already getting spots right by the little fence for our best view, but there was plenty of room. Ben really enjoyed walking around and having A LOT of space! 


The View- I was very happy with our location. We completely enjoyed the show and the only obstruction in our way was a light tower. It is in our pictures, but it didn't affect my enjoyment of a show that is so big, the tower was insignificant. If I was there for great pictures, I would have needed to be in the center of Main Street with the masses for hours before the show, that was not our plan. 

The show was amazing, we were comfortable, we were able to hang out in that space while the crowd thinned out before heading home for our Happily Ever After!


More Thoughts on Dessert Parties. 

There are dessert parties for "Galactic Spectacular Fireworks"  and Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios, and a "Frozen" Dessert Party at Epcot for "Illuminations". We chose "Happily Ever After" because the crowd is most intense for this show. 

If you choose a party at Hollywood Studios or Epcot there is alcohol included.

If the fireworks are cancelled due to rain the dessert party is still scheduled. I would suggest bringing zip-locks and shoving in left overs if there is no show to get your money's worth!

Don't forget your headphones! Sadly, even amazing desserts can't reduce the noise level!

Overall, I think dessert parties are a great way to avoid crowds and experience an iconic part of a Disney vacation while being able to take a breath and completely enjoy it!