It's not only about the lines...

Too often when I tell people about my Mouse Ears for Everyone they focus on getting through the lines quickly. Yes, there are some guests at Disney that need help with the lines, but there is much more to it. 

Strollers as Wheelchairs


Many families have adaptive strollers for their family member that is necessary for more than just tired feet, or a sleepy toddler. These strollers are used as a wheelchair. They are often lighter weight, easier to work with, and less expensive than a wheelchair- but just as important!

As you can imagine there are A LOT of strollers at Disney World. So many that to allow them in the queues for lines or restaurants there wouldn't be much room left for people. So Disney has stroller parking throughout the parks. 

But what if you really need the stroller?

There is a special tag for strollers that you get at Guest Services. Simply answer a couple of questions about why you need the tag and they set you up. If you have the tag, the stroller can go anywhere a wheelchair can. 

TIP- The Liberty stroller designed for up to 100 lbs  and a height of 60" is available for rent at Kingdom Strollers. The Liberty has one step folding and will fit into Disney trams and busses. If you are staying at a Disney resort, Kingdom Strollers will have the stroller waiting at the resort for you. 


Service and Emotional Support Animals

Pets are not allowed at Disney Parks or in the resorts. There is a nice pet care center for day care or overnight stays. Visit or call (877) 4WDW-PETS for information. 

However, if you have a service dog or emotional support animal of course they are welcome. There was recently a monkey at the Magic Kingdom. As long as you have your paperwork you are good to go.

 Here's the fun part- they can ride many of the rides! Now, they won't be riding Space Mountain, or even Peter Pan (because the ships fly) but "it's a small world", Spaceship Earth, Toy Story Midway mania and many others welcome your animal assistants.

Dietary Issues

Allergies for many people are not just annoying- they are deadly! Disney does an amazing job keeping you safe in all of their restaurants. For most situations all you need to do is check in with the host or hostess when you arrive and let them know your needs. Some situations are less common, if this is you please call (407) WDW-DINE discuss your needs with them and they will give you instructions based on your situation.





 So yes, "Mouse Ears for Everyone" does help families that have challenges with long waits- but for many it's about so much more.