Strollers: The Good, Bad and Necessary

There is A LOT of walking at Disney World. A stroller is a necessary item for MANY families at Disney Parks. Strollers are great- they help you move faster through the park, they hold a lot of your stuff, they keep your kids from getting worn out, and many even block the sun from their faces. 

That said-  strollers can also be a pain- getting them in and out of cars, on and off busses, and navigating them around people in the parks. Plus- stroller parking!

Stroller Parking

Is this term new to you? Yes, it's just what it sounds like- A LOT of strollers all parked together like cars in one space.

Because strollers are all but necessary, there are A LOT of them in Disney Parks. So, there isn't enough space to allow strollers in lines for attractions, or in restaurants. If you can't take your stroller in with you, what do you do with it? Nearby will be a large gathering of strollers- add yours to it. There is usually a cast member nearby, often straightening the mass of strollers, but there is no guarantee of safety for your valuables left in a stroller.

How can I find my stroller in that mass of wheels? Some people buy balloons (making their young ones very happy) others make signs and tags that are attached to the stroller. I like the idea of using this craft as a way the kids can help prepare for the trip. Check out pinterest ifyou need inspiration.

If you use a stroller as a wheelchair there is a pass that allows you to NOT use stroller parking. See below for more details.

Renting Strollers

If you don't have room for strollers when traveling to Florida don't sweat it. Rentals are an easy fix, and not just the hard uncomfortable Disney strollers.

The first option is renting in the park- not my favorite. I think a Disney rental should be thought of as an emergency, like blisters or an unexpected nap from a little older child, not the main plan.

Stroller rentals are right by the entrances to the parks. 

Single strollers are $15/day or $13/day if you rent for multiple days 

Double Strollers $31 /day $27/day for multiple days

$100 credit card deposit is required. 

Don't let the term multiple days fool you- You still have to leave the stroller in the park, you just bring your receipt back the next day at any of the 4 main parks.

Disney strollers are not comfortable and are pretty awkward. Plus, they are for in park only, so there is a lot of time that you would be without one.

The next option is to use a stroller rental company. There are companies that just rent strollers for guests at Orlando theme parks. That's how necessary and sometimes challenging strollers are!

How does a stroller rental company work?- You call ahead, reserve a stroller that fits your needs, and they deliver it to your hotel and pick it up at the end of the vacation. The strollers are usually City Mini's (a great brand) clean and in good working order.

The total charge for a 1-3 night stay of the basic stroller is $40. For a 4-7 night stay it's $60 -again this pricing structure is total stay, not per day.


My recommendation is Kingdom Strollers- "They are a DisneyFeatured Stroller Provider"- What does that mean? Well, they can deliver and pick up the strollers at the luggage room and bell services at Disney Resorts. You tell them when you are coming and leaving, they have it waiting for you. At the end of the vacation you simply bring it to the desk at the resort and drop it off. You don't have to have a set a specific time to meet them. This is a HUGE convenience. If the company isn't a Disney preferred they are not allowed to drop them off at a Disney resort.

When my parents treated all 16 of us to a family vacation at Disney, my sister rented from Kingdom Strollers, my brother looked for different deals (not a big savings really) and the difference in service was significant. 

Kingdom Strollers also has rain covers and cooler bags free with your rental. And Free Delivery and Pick up.

Strollers for Special Needs

If you need a larger stroller I suggest the Liberty Stroller. It folds up to fit on all Disney transportation including trams and busses. Sadly the strollers are no longer being made. Kingdom Strollers still has them available. The rental is $90 for a 1-3 night stay or $110 for 4-7 nights (these prices are total- not per day!) The owner is trying very hard to keep them in circulation as long as he can.

Strollers as Wheelchairs

Any family using a stroller for a wheelchair (it doesn't matter what kind of stroller) can go to Guest Services or City Hall and ask for a Stroller= Wheelchair tag. It is a sticker for the stroller that let's Cast Members know you need to have your stroller with you. 

The only exception to this is Disney Busses. There is a safety law that doesn't allow a child to be in a stroller while a bus is moving. You must take the child out and fold the stroller up on Disney busses. 

Some families may need this for mobility reasons, others may be for developmental delays and helping the child stay where they need to be, or health and fatigue reasons. Just explain the situation to the cast members and they will get you all set up.


Did I answer all of your stroller questions? If not, please feel free to contact me in the comment section or contact page. Thanks!