Travel and bathrooms have come a long way. When I was a kid, pit stops on road trips could be sketchy. If there wasn't a McDonald's nearby, you stopped at a gas station, they gave you a key, and you hoped for the best! Rest stops and even gas station bathrooms are much better now. 

As I sat down to write this blog, it amused me to think of how many memories I have with Disney bathrooms- not usually the first things people think about when sharing their vacation memories. First it was always important to my mom- she has a small bladder and we always say she could write a book on bathrooms. Her opinion of Disney restrooms has always been something she mentions when discussing a vacation there,

 When I was a high school senior, my class went to Disney for Grad Night. This was 1990 and I lived in the small tourist spot of Ft. Walton Beach/ Destin area (yes it was just a small fishing village and Air Force Base back then). Many of the kids I was with had never traveled, they hadn't even ridden an escalator before- but the toilets at Disney flushed automatically. They were so impressed that they kept sitting down and standing up- who needed rides?

Many years later, one of my daughters favorite spots at Walt DisneyWorld is a bathroom.  Rapunzel's Tower in Magic Kingdom is so well done, you don't even notice it's a bathroom at first- then you love that it's all just so pretty. There is even a new photo pass spot right outside the doors at night when all of the lanterns are lit. It's just so pretty!

So Why am I Really Writing About Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are not only a necessary part of life, but sometimes they are still challenging. 

Disney options-

  • Regular bathrooms- Clean, have handicapped stalls and changing tables for toddlers in all men's and women's bathrooms.
  • Companion bathrooms- Clean, private, gender neutral, higher seat for transfers.
  • Adult changing tables- For this you need to visit First Aid. They have private facilities and helpful nurses. There is no rush, so feel free to take care of any needs your family has in the cool, comfortable space. There are first aid centers at all 4 main parks and the 2 water parks. Disney Springs only has companion restrooms.
  • Baby Centers- Changing tables, nursing rooms, some have toddler sized toilets (Not all parks have the toddler toilets and they are not always convenient for a toilet training child. Consider a portable seat to use on a regular sized toilet.) 

Tips for Public Restrooms

  • Public restrooms are loud- use headphones.
  • Bring post it notes to cover the sensor for the automatic flush- little kids don't like the automatic flush as much as my high school class did. 
  • Please use the restroom that fits your needs. If you don't need a companion room, please remember others are waiting and often have issues that require urgency.

Shout Out to Orlando International Airport

As more companies realize their customers have needs beyond the ADA minimum they are stepping up. Orlando International Airport has 4 new restrooms with adult changing tables! After the first one was installed it became obvious there is a real need, and now each terminal is equipped. Thank you to them for using best practices and being ready for ALL of their guests! 

Personal note- All of this information was supposed to be in "Mouse Ears for Everyone". In the process of merging several drafts over time- it was left out. I apologize, becauseI know  it's important.  Please help share this information by sharing this blog.